It’s acceptable to be unacceptable

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting another blog, and in-between work, coaching, cleaning, facebooking, playing with the kids, playing with myself (ha!), and spending a little quality time with the hubs I have finally begun.  Why  Well, I believe that we are all a little bit socially unacceptable.  What I mean by that, is that we like to think that we are all uniquely distinct and created individually…which we are.  Unfortunately, we spend too much of our time trying to perfect that which is already perfectly made.  We spend so much of our time looking at media images of women and men who aren’t real…I mean, don’t get me wrong.  There are plenty of hot people out there, but even Jessica Alba doesn’t look like Jessica Alba once photoshop is complete. 

I love people.  Almost all of them.  Some of you, not so much, but most of you are great in my opinion.  Let’s make a little list of why you are so perfectly imperfect, shall we?

1.  You are beautiful.  No, seriously.  You are!  Beautifully and wonderfully created, there is not one person who is just like you.  Even twins have certain differences…and that is what makes you so amazing.  Plus, there has to be at least one beautiful thing about you.  Even if it’s just your symmetrical pinky toes. 

2.  You are good at something.  Doubting me right now?  Well, think about it!  You have a talent that is yours.  It might be doing long algebra.  It might be singing in the choir at church.  It might be slinging drinks at the bar.  It might be making your friends feel better.  Maybe you are a dinosaur hunter.  Lucky us, that you have that talent, because somewhere it is needed.  Or not.  But it could still be cool.

3.  You are lucky.  There are many of you who are so confused right now.  “Lucky?  How can she call me lucky?? I just lost my job, I have overdue bills, I feel super fat today, I can’t do anything right…and on and on.  But you are lucky.  Look around.  You are online…which means you either have a cell phone, a computer, or some other access to the internet.  Which usually means you have a home, or access to a shelter.  Lucky you!  Luckier than others…it could always be worse.  Try adding “at least” to your vocabulary.  It will make you a much more grateful person.  Or maybe you’re just an asshole…but you’re one lucky asshole!

4.  You’re awesome.  Just ask your mother.  Unless your mother is a dick.  Then she won’t tell you.  But I will.  So, if you need some ego bolstering because mommy won’t do it for you, just let me know.


5.  You’re reading this blog.  Case in point.  You.  Are.  Cool.

6.  You have options.  Huh?  No, really!  You always have options.  You have the option of reading this or shutting it off.  You have the option of whether or not you want to get up in the morning.  You always have choices…some of them come with consequences, but you always always always have options.   You can choose to be a constructive human being or be a shitty one.  See?  Choices.


YAY!  I don’t even know you and I have come up with six valid reasons that you are pretty cool, just like you are.  So go ahead.  Be socially unacceptable…or not.  There go those choices again!!!


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