People suck


Yep.  I said it.  People suck.  This includes me, this includes you, this includes your sweet little neighbor down the street.  Everyone sucks.  Some days I have trouble accepting the fact that people suck, people are going to disappoint me, people are going to fail.  But that’s just the reality of life.  We have all made promises that we don’t keep.  We have all gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.  I fail every day, usually several times a day.  

Some days, my husband sucks.  He is supposed to read my mind, and he doesn’t.  How dare he??  Those days I have to choose to love and respect him even when I don’t like him.  But, as a sidenote…GUYS!  Listen!!!!  Your girl needs two things:  1.  Tell her she is beautiful. Every day.  Even when she isn’t.  Even when she is being the biggest bitch in the world.  ESPECIALLY when she is being the biggest bitch in the world.  She will pause…I swear.  Tell her when she wakes up in the morning and tell her before you go to bed at night.  Do it.  

2.  Buy her flowers.  Not just on Valentine’s Day and on her birthday.  Buy them just because it’s a Tuesday.  Or for Groundhog’s day.  Or because you are mad at her.  Especially if you are mad at her.  It will confuse her and endear her to you even more.  

Okay, back to the original blog.

Some days my kids suck.  They don’t listen.  They whine.  They cry.  They are emotional wrecks.  They destroy the house I just cleaned.  They turn my hair gray and drive me to drink.  It is on those days that I choose to love them more.  Because someday I won’t have that child saying, ” Mom, mom, mommy, mommy, mother, mother, Lois, Lois”  Someday I won’t have all that extra laundry to wash.  And on that day I am going to miss the headaches and the excuses to have another margarita.  

Some days my friends suck.  They forget that part of being a friend is being supportive even when we don’t agree with decisions.  Or they don’t call.  Or they call too much.  Or they expect too much.  It’s those days that I love them even more.  I remember that they tell me what they think not because they are assholes (or at least not puposely).  It’s because they care!!  I remember that they have lives too…and they are just as busy as me.  I remember that they need me.  I remember that we hold others to the expectations that we give ourselves.  

Some days I suck.  Some days I yell too much at my kids.  Some days I am mean to my husband when he does not deserve it.  Some days I overthink things and just want to get the hell out of my own life for a minute.  Some days I forget that I have the most wonderful job in the world as a mommy and just want to get to a beach where I can drink in margaritas and the sunshine.  Some days I stop worrying about how I come across to others and act like a spoiled bitch.  It’s those days that I try to remember that I only get one go around this lifetime.  I only get one chance to change the world, and that ability is reflected in myself being more than I expect of others.  It’s those days that I remember that people sometimes suck, and as long as I can forgive them of their suckiness then I can forgive myself of my own.  I own my mistakes, embrace my responsibilities, and forgive others of theirs.  And that, my friends, does not suck at all.


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