Some days I need to


Some days I need to sing.  So I get into my car, I drive somewhere, usually headed nowhere in particular, turn up the radio and sing as loud as I can.  Usually after about 10 minutes of this I feel better, no matter what’s going on.

Some days I need to write.  I’ve been keeping some sort of a journal since I was about 8 years old.  Writing is therapeutic for me, it’s a release, and it allows me to get out some of this amazing wit that I try to verbally express (sometimes with no skill).

Some days I need to vent.  I need to get on the phone with one of my best friends in the world (you know who you are) and talk about all of the things that are frustrating me out of my mind.  Then I apologize for talking about myself for over an hour and ask how they are doing.

Some days I need to run.  I put on my shoes and go out the front door and make it about 2 blocks before I am a mass of sweaty redness.  Then I walk, then run some more.  Just to feel the outside, the sunshine, the wind in my face.

Some days I need to listen.  I need to pay attention when a little hand is poking at my side and telling me “Mommy, come look!”  I need to hear the underlying tone of “I need you right now” when my husband is having a bad day.  I need to be there for my friends who call me to get their “stuff” off their minds.

Some days I need to drink.  I need to have a glass or three of wine and uncork myself into a steaming hot bubble bath because I just need to relax from the daily grind and the pressure and the job and the people and the groceries and the bills and the never ending laundry and to do list.

Some days I need to laugh.  I need to let go and let those funny faces that the kids are making create a sense of wonder within myself that allows me to recapture the innocence and honesty of being a child who is in the moment and is able to freely laugh.

Some days I need to play.  I need to get off the couch, go to the park, and play a fantastic game of freeze tag, or ride my bike, or shoot some hoops.  I need to allow my body to be used physically, as God intended it to.

Some days I need to work.  I need to buckle down, focus my energy on my job and the reasons why I do it and remember that it isn’t just a paycheck.  These are people’s lives and they deserve all of my passion and energy while I am working for them.

Some days I need to reflect.  I need to look back at my history, see how far I have come, and allow myself to be proud of the accomplishments that God has allowed me to achieve.

Every day I need to pray.  I need to take the time to thank God that He has put within my grasp a wonderful life, health, children, a husband, a home, my father, friends, food in my fridge, two vehicles, pets who love us unconditionally, a sense of self-worth, a job, an amazing boss, and on and on and on.

Today I need to give thanks.  Because my blessings far outweigh my difficulties.  Some days I just need to remember that.


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