For the Mom’s


Happy Mother’s Day.  Today is a day to celebrate being a mom…which means so many things.  Mom is unanimous with maid, chef, dishwasher, chauffeur, counselor, advisor, physician, party planner, organizer, teacher, tutor, bouncer, advocate, the list goes on and on.  Today I want you to do yourselves a favor and not set the bar too high.  Appreciate what your kids and other half do for you, rather than expecting something that they might not get to.  I mean, it’s really unfair to think that if they can’t clean up after themselves the other 364 days in the year, they’re probably not going to do much better today.  And those undercooked eggs and burnt toast that they worked on so diligently, those are made straight from the heart.

Honestly, ladies, if we could stop expecting things to go exactly how we plan it in our minds and just embrace the way that things work out rather than stressing over how it didn’t go, we could probably prevent a few wrinkles, lose a few pounds, and relax a whole lot more.

So here’s to locking the door when you go to the bathroom today!!!





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