For a Limited Time…

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you in on a little blowout I’m doing.  For a limited time, I’m pretty much giving away my services.  That’s right…practically giving it away.  So here it is….


  • 4 Individual Coaching Sessions (including 1 strategy and development session)
  • Unlimited Email support
  • 4 self-discovery tools


$127 THIS WEEK ONLY!!!!!  Holy shit!!

But seriously….you have to understand that this is the cost of one session…and I’m giving you 4.  That’s 4 hours of my personal, undivided attention, just for you to discover how to become your best self for your relationship.  Not to mention you can get me on email anytime.  Plus the tools that I have for you…trust me, you want them.


The only thing I’m asking for with this price is your testimonial.  Just give me feedback on how I’m working for you, and you get 4 sessions for only $127!!!

So, now that you’re in, just click HERE to be on your way to talking to me in person!!





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