New Year, Better You!!

goals-wordleSo, it’s 2017.  It’s a week in, and most of us have at least thought about some resolutions. Although…I don’t like the word resolutions.  I like the word GOALS.  A resolution is something that you are TRYING to do.  A goal is something that you are actually WORKING toward.  Anyway, I love new years, new weeks, new months, new starts…it’s pretty amazing to be able to feel like you can start all over again. I mean, every day can be new for you, but the New Year especially signifies to me a time that I can really dig in and see where I’m at versus where I want to be.

For your viewing pleasure, here are my goals for this year.  I’m sharing my goals with you so that you can be inspired to put your own down on paper and be accountable to others as well.

Goal #1:  Write and self-publish (or otherwise) at least one book by December 01, 2017.

Goal #2:  Finalize and implement my group program for this business.

Goal #3:  Take on at least 10 new 1:1 clients this year.

Goal #4:  Lose 40 lbs by June 30.

Goal #5:  Be intentional in all things with my family and friends.

Goal #6: Forgive myself often when I stumble, which will be often.

So, I know that this is not as amusing or entertaining as some of my other posts, but it is my note to you so you can hold me accountable as well.

What are your goals for the year?  And if you are looking for a motivational life coach, supporter, and advocate…shoot me an email at  Let’s talk.

With love,




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