And That’s the Truth

img_2185We live in an era when everyone is afraid to speak the truth.  An era in which when people are overweight and their doctor suggests that if they lost it they might be in less pain these same people say, “Nah.  It’s gotta be something else.”  An era in which if one person says, “Abortion is something that should be safely accessible” another person will scream “MURDERER!!!”  An era in which if one person online states an opinion which differentiates from the original posters opinion and creates a need for the poster to provide some sort of evidence based information, that person is now a bully.

I’m sick and tired of being told to censor myself to cater to someone’s pity me feelings.  Seriously…I get it!!  We all have our shit to work out.  We’re all waging a battle that no one knows about.  And I can’t understand exactly what you are going through…you are the captain of your lifeboat.  But dear God…why does everyone take offense at any kind of alternate opinion?   Because, the thing is, I COULD BE WRONG!!!!  And God, I hope you think about what I said and then if I am…please~!  Show me!!!!

The thing is, y’all…we’re all different.  We’re not all the same.  We are absolutely wonderfully and beautifully uniquely made.  But in our uniqueness…there remain similarities.  Such as the fact that we are all going through our own battles!!!  When you make your plight public information, you should likely be ready to encounter some questions.  And be prepared to answer them!!  I mean, if you’re truly looking for help.

Now…if you’re not actually looking for help, if you’re just looking for the sympathy, if I’m your friend, I’ll listen.  I will still probably ask questions.  I will still probably start to stir some sort of internal dialogue inside yourself, in order to get you to probe the problem and gain clarity…for yourself!!  I’m not, however, the boss of you.  Nor do I know everything.  I am the person who will research things until I find out as much as I can, but I can NEVER know you like you know yourself.   So stop getting so damn defensive when I make you ask yourself the hard questions.  My job…help a person define a goal.  Help a person redefine that goal.  Help a person find pathways to achieve that goal.  Support, encourage, and assist that person in achieving that goal.  Don’t tell me something you want and then crap all over me trying to be a support, an encourager, a CRITICAL THINKER.  Sometimes people say they want something, but when it presents in a way that they don’t forsee in their mind’s eye, it’s not really something that they want.

Listen, I’m not trying to be a bitch, I’m really not.  I swear, I shit bullets and butterflies.   But real truth is, I care.  And when I care about something, I am passionate about it.  When I care about someone I am passionate about them. I want you to think critically, I want you to find the answers you seek, I want you to become all of the amazingness and beauty that you have inside of you.  I want you to embrace your gifts as well as your flaws, for they make you uniquely you.  No one else can give to the world what you can.  But that doesn’t mean you have to have a shitty pity party whenever someone asks for more clarity regarding your story, your opinion, your stuff.  Open yourself up to other ways.  This is the way to truth, healing, and ultimately inner peace.  Open yourself to other thoughts, ideas, ways of being.  Recognize that others will ALWAYS have different ideas, backgrounds, thoughts, paradigms, lifestyles, educations, histories, experiences…and open yourself up to that.

There is no ONE way.

And that’s the real truth.



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