These are the days of your life

IMG_2663These are the days y’all.   You know what I’m talking about…the days where you wake up in the morning long after the alarm was supposed to go off, the kids aren’t up yet, the dog needs to get outside, whoops, I mean…already took a dump by the back door…you walk to the coffee pot to regain some sanity and you find that you forgot to pick up coffee at the grocery store yesterday.  Dammit!!

These are the days.  The days that you wonder why you even try at all. The kids don’t listen…you have to level 10 them to get them to even hear you past the sound of their newest electronic device.  Your husband doesn’t get it…you’ve given up on explaining your needs there, honestly…you’re done attempting.

These are the days that you want to run away to Mexico with absolutely no one with you…well, maybe the dog, but even he has needs that you don’t really want to take care of right now.  You just want sanity restored, a day, no…a week without anyone yelling or fighting, or messing, or school phone calls, or meetings, or work, or sexual favors for household chores, just.  Please.  No.  More.

These are the bad days.  And they come.  But what I want you to keep in mind that just like they come, they go.  And just as these are the days, there are also these:

These are the days…the days that your oldest looks at you and tells you that you are her hero, that you keep her wanting to do more, to do better.  The days that you look at her as she grows and are astounded at the beauty, creativity, and self-awareness that she has at such a young age.

These are the days…the days that your son gets to pitch at his baseball game and he does so well that he surprises everyone, including himself.  The days that you look at him as he grows into himself and gains more confidence in knowing that he is enough, just as he is.

These are the days that your toddler giggles and runs around in circles yelling, “MOMMY!!!! I WUB YOU!!!!”  You smile and stare at her silliness and know that she is going to be a game changer.

These are the days that your squirrely son looks at you and says, “I know mom…and guess what?  I actually LIKE school!!” You look at him and know that no matter what happens in his life, his mistakes and wildness will provide him with knowledge before his time, which means that your hardest days might just be right now…but there is sunshine after the storm.

These are the days when you look at your husband after having truly communicated what you need and he reminds you of all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place…no one else could see what you saw, but he works so hard to live up to all the things you always knew he was.

It’s funny, because when we look at our lives, our days, our time that we spend, it’s very very easy to find bad stuff.  But looking for the good isn’t too far either, if we just look.   Sometimes we have to put our glasses on to see past all the bullshit and the mundane realities of day to day life…but life is good y’all.  These are the days of our lives.



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