This woman

IMG_3151Look at your wife.  Just look at her.  See her.  She does all the things.  All of them.  She shuttles the kids to school and home and to games and appointments, keeps track of who’s struggling in school, who needs more emotional support, who needs more physical activity, who needs to see a counselor, again, all the things.

What a woman.

She’s pretty amazing.  She goes to work or works from home, but at the same time, she keeps the house (mostly) clean.  She can rattle off the list of allergies, fears, bedtimes, best friends, favorite songs, important events, and the cereals that MUST be in the cupboards at all times.

God.  She’s an astounding woman.

She works out.  She eats lettuce probably 95% of the time and consistently tries to keep her family healthy too, but still manages to make you muffins or cookies every so often. She does the grocery shopping, always remembering to buy that one thing that you and the kids can’t live without.  She also does this within a budget, sometimes having to resort to clipping coupons and finding all the sales.


Lord.  This phenomenal woman.

She calls her friends and stays in touch.  The ones she sees all the time and the ones that she doesn’t.  She makes sure that relationships are intact by scheduling double dates and barbeques and activities.  She plans for the things that will bring community to your family.

What a powerful woman.

She stays within budget.  She manages all the finances and keeps budget charts and remembers when everything comes out of the bank account.  She makes sure that the extracurriculars are in there and even enough for the occasional date night.  She throws a little something extra into that shopping cart at WalMart to make sure you know that she thought about you while she was there.

Wow.  This extraordinary woman.

She does her own thing.  She connects on a personal level to be herself at least a few times a month.  She does this with a guilty conscience because she knows, surely there is something else that she could be doing with this time for her family.  But she also knows that she has to, to be her best self, to be the best wife, mother, friend, human that she can be.

Such a remarkable woman.

She thinks about you.  How amazing you are.  Your strengths.  Your weaknesses.  She tries to find ways to support your dreams, your hopes, your goals, how can she be there more for you so that you can see how much she truly loves, respects, and adores you as her partner in life?  She struggles with this sometimes, life is so hard, there are so many things pulling for her, but she always tries to make time for you and the relationship.

What a considerate woman.

She learns.  If someone is sick, she’s quick to figure out what is going on.  She is constantly searching out ways to better herself so that she can be better for everyone else.  She learns about the world, politics, religions, current events, keeps up with CEUS, gets more educated and then she memorizes the 12 songs from that Disney movie that the toddler loves so that she can share that with them too.

The rarity of this woman.

She often cries trying to figure out how to be more, how to get more, how to create more, how to learn more, how to BE MORE.  She sees the potential in everything, in everyone…and she wants to be the force that helps them become all the things that she knows they already are.

This woman.




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