Embracing the Fire


Fire is amazing.  It is beautiful, it is wild, it is powerful, it is almost magical when you think about it.  It has this presence that both captivates and terrifies, both overwhelming and desireable.  But fire is also dangerous and can consume even the strongest tree in the forest.  Some people run from it.  Others run to it.  Some people want to put it out, because it is to be feared and could hurt them.  Others have no trouble starting the fire, moving it, carrying it, and using it for their needs.  Some embrace the fire.  Some take the sparks of life, the troubles that happen, the trials, the good and the bad things…and they rise from the ashes of what life has burned down and realize that they are now a new creature, molded through the pain.

Learning how to embrace the fire is a process.  It is painful.  Because when you embrace it, you are essentially burning off the old parts of you, engulfing yourself into it, feeling every part of your pain.  Feeling the pain, being aware of it, knowing that the pain is for your growth, for your better self…this gives you the knowledge and awareness of how to move on from it.  You have to be careful, because the fire can consume you, can create an emptiness in your soul from being too burned, too charred, too weak.

But some things, they thrive in fire…like sand.  When sand gets put into the fire it comes out as something better, something more precious, something more beautiful.  It’s no longer dirt, separate from itself even though it rests together.  Now it is glass, smoother, sharper, more savage.

Be like the sand.  Embrace the fire.  Become it.  Let it mold you, burn you, hurt you…then it will heal you into what you never knew you could be.  Be warned, though…the fire will return over and over in your life.  Be ready for it.  Be ready for the pain of growth, of change, of learning, of sadness and trials, but always knowing that the fire makes you more than what you were…it turns you into who you are.

I am like the fire.  I am strong, I am wild, I am powerful.  Because of that I need to be careful, to be responsible with myself, with my strength.  I love passionately, deeply, and with my entire self.  I give easily…until someone tries to put me out.  And when that happens…oh, there is nothing more dangerous than the sparks from my tongue.  I will consume an entire self with the words that I can use to try to destroy what has threatened me.  Balancing the fire within my soul that drives my passions versus the dangerous fire that seeks to burn others…this is a very complicated matter.  But I do like to chase the fire…to run toward the pain that I know will cause me to learn, to love, to become more than what I am right now.

Come.  Let’s embrace the fire.




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